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Hi, thank you for being here. A little bit about why I’m here…  Due to an unfortunate genetic inheritance, I’m living with progressive hearing loss. I’ve learned that writing helps me process the wild, mix of emotions associated with my condition, so I am vowing to do more of it. My plan is that this blog will keep me writing regularly and cathartically, I think of it as the ex-lax of journaling.

I am also a mom to one child and an embarrassing number of pets. I love them all, but the child is by far my favorite. When I’m not working, parenting, writing, tending to a flock of chickens, asking my friends and family to please speak up, or chasing a puppy, I’m spending time learning ASL. It’s a beautiful language and it fills me with hope.

Photo: Jacqueline Warner

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  1. Welcome to Blogland Krishna! I had no idea about your hearing loss when we met. Would yave liked talking about it as we too must sign our way through the days with Dácil. Be persistent, blogging is great! You have a follower from the Canary Islands! And check out about deafblindness on: sosacorduwener.wordpress.com One big happy family!

  2. Krishy,

    Thanks for sharing your crystal clear writing with me, us! Your beauty is overwhelming and awesome. You bring so much love and passion and drive and love to your life, and to so many others, I can say, I feel you. I feel pain hearing yours. It hurts and selfishly makes me happy to be more connected to you through your sharing such strong and vulnerable feelings. I want to try all the other languages with you; ASL, and especially hugs and hands and eye conversations. Love, Tim

  3. I am SO grateful you are in my life Krishna Tyner. Thank you for letting us be part of your ride, and for giving me tools to be a better friend. I love you, I’m proud of you, I can’t wait to read the next post.

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