“no response right”

Yesterday was humbling. The type of day where it felt like I misheard most things and then respond in all sorts of odd and inappropriate ways in conversation because I’ve missed the cues. It happens. Lately, it’s been happening a lot, and that all the signs appeared to be pointing toward F**kThisShitImOut did not come […]

Why I Walk

On November 3rd I am participating in the Hearing Loss Association of America’s Walk 4 Hearing in Mesa, Arizona. This is an important event to me for a number of reasons and I’m thrilled to be a part of it. Here’s why… Did you know that one out of 10 people has a hearing loss? […]

You Only Make This Mistake Once

WAITER: “Hello, I’ll bring you all some water, would you like anything else to drink?” ME: “Sure, I’ll have the house margarita with silver tequila, please.” WAITER: “Small?” ME: [Huh. Do they come in sizes – like, can I actually get a Slurpee sized margarita?] “Oh! [perhaps a little too excidedly] Fun, I didn’t know […]